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Monday, September 24, 2018
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Craig Kilburger - Founder of Free the ChildrenCaustan De Riggs is the solution-oriented professional with achievements in business development, start-up projects, and international development.  Caustan is an accomplished Motivational Speaker, and advocate for entrepreneurship and thinking-outside-of- the-box. Since 2002, Caustan has had the opportunity to speak to more than 100,000 people from all over the world about building character, leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology. 


David Johnson - Former President University of WaterlooHe graduated as class valedictorian from the University of Waterloo in 2008 where he received his degree with honours in Environment and Business. He also holds a specialization in Sustainable Local Economic Development and a Diploma in Environmental Assessment. Since graduation, Caustan’s career progressed to managing projects in marketing, business strategy, entertainment, and education.

Keith Mitchell - Former Prime Minister of GrenadaIn 2006 Caustan developed a national proposal for sustainable development education in Grenada which was endorsed by Prime Minister Keith Mitchell (right). He then founded the first International Conference on Green Entrepreneurship (2008) and organized the event leading teams in three separate countries. This conference united students and industry in Canada and Grenada to inspire the upcoming leaders in the Caribbean to enact on sustainable change and develop local businesses.

Green Careers: You Can Make Money AND Save The Planet (Jennifer Power Scott)Caustan actively promotes character development through education, entrepreneurship, and leadership. He believes in developing strength by building capacity through servant leadership as he says “it's the only way you can foster true change in your life…dream, take charge, and act”. He leads by example, in 2010 he was 1 of 30 entrepreneurs from around the world whose life story was featured in “Green Careers – You Can Make Money and Save the Planet” by Jennifer Power Scott. Caustan is still on the move and in the meantime he wants to encourage leaders to achieve their goals through perseverance, innovation, and education.

From 2010 to 2013 Caustan continued to support his business while also working full time with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s Professional Access and Integration Enhancement (PAIE) program, helping internationally trained engineers and geoscientists find employment in Canada.

By July 2013 he rebranded "Caustan De Riggs Entertainment and Marketing" to form CDEM Leadership Development (Blog). CDEM LD delivers consulting and project management services for organizations that are seeking to develop new strategies for engaging people genuinely and those who want to harness the creative potential of their teams. Caustan values his network and supports those who reach out to him by making introductions or helping them navigate roadblocks in their strategic planning.


Developing business models, proposals, and outreach campaigns are among Caustan’s most well practiced abilities and he enjoys working with clients who are ready to tackle a strong opportunity.