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Monday, September 24, 2018
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Caustan's Projects



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CDEM Leadership Development Blog:

This is my Facebook page dedicated to sharing messages and resources. This blog is for those who are driven and are just looking for that little something extra. 


The Deliverer

By Brandon De Riggs

Four years in the making, this riveting story is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat as you follow "the deliverer" in his journey.



I am in the process of writing a TV show, comedy sketches, and online advertising campaigns. I am currently working with my coproducer and a production company.


Green Careers: You Can Make Money AND Save the Planet

By Jennifer Power Scott 

This inspiring guide to green careers includes profiles young professionals who have found success in environmental careers. [more]



Words and Rhymes:

Verses dedicated to the thoughts of the moment. Each one of these sets were started and completed during the hour of the day they are named after.


Khaya likeBaba

is a non-profit organization based in uMhlatuze, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. iKhaya likaBaba is a zulu phrase which means "the Father's House". Its inception and creation took place in the hearts of a group of caring individuals. [more]



My goal with this project is basically to finish one hip hop album. To date, I have 8 blueprints of tracks and have worked with some prominent producers in the Toronto area. Check out my myspace page for some of the older samples.


International Conference on Green Entrepreneurship

Held at St. Georges University in Grenada for the islands’ top 100 students. This international and unprecedented project was endorsed by the Government of Grenada and was collaboratively planned between volunteers in Grenada, Trinidad, and Canada.


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